Rüdiger Sass

I set up my first business at the age of 22 while studying Economics in parallel in Berlin. After completing my studies, I sold my two start-ups to business partners and entered the corporate consulting industry for a few years. During my last year of this experience working as Investment Director we set-up a European investor and incubator in Berlin. From there I never looked back determined to stay self-employed and an entrepreneur.

Today, besides continuing to transform my ideas into businesses and investing into tech companies, I focus on helping companies in difficult situations by solving complex business problems. This mostly consists of protecting owners from filing for insolvency and I pride myself with more than 100 successful cases over a 25-year experience and in all industries.

``What I very much like about SAS is our focus and determination on having a hands-on management approach and style as well as our problem-solving attitude and ability which I trust it makes us stand out from most consultants out there. Additionally, I appreciate and much believe in the team diversity representing different countries and languages, varied backgrounds and competencies – while being all aligned by their commitment and dedication when protecting and serving our clients – This is in summary what I believe SASequity stands for.``
Associated partners

We recruit and bring in estimate collaborators, experts, knowledgeable colleagues, and valuable friends of deep and established expertise in various fields and sciences and with proven codes of ethics and integrity. They are specialists in the relevant industry, market, and subject our clients request assistance with. From former and current entrepreneurs to lawyers, accountants to university professors who can and want to offer their input and insights always with an eye for professional and practical solutions after having identified the issues causing the special situation in which a business finds itself in. They contribute to developing the joint targets and objectives that will ultimately turn into the implementation of the best practices and bespoke solutions to solve our clients’ problems.