Case Studies

From case to case and time to time, businesses can find themselves requiring assistance with solving potential or already existing financial, economical, and performing issues, whether within the organisation or within the market they operate. SASequity is the sparring partner that offers the necessary support by providing practical solutions through a different range of services.

Changes in Shareholder Status

Problems with and among shareholders are often associated with risky misalignment during corporate crises which can be triggers but also accelerators. SASequity develops concepts and proposals for the reorganization of the shareholders and stakeholders network and follows up by actively aiding with the implementation of the agreed changes.

Corporate Restructuring

During and after difficulties with earnings, businesses suffer liquidity crisis that can lead to filing for insolvency, the predominant trigger (70%) for bankruptcy. During a liquidity crisis, through a joint effort of all participants, it is still possible to ward off a pending bankruptcy. At SASequity we know in detail what steps and actions are required and we’ll implement them by working on your side until stabilization and value are assured.

Risk Management/Assessment

SASequity, after identifying the potential risks to the business, whether internal (i.e. financial or operational) and/or external (industry, regulatory and/or technology, market, stakeholders), assesses the risk severity (probability of occurrence x potential negative impact) develops and implements an adequate risk mitigation plan. While monitoring the progress, SASequity continues tracking the originally identified risks, evaluating potential new risks, and assessing the effectiveness of the implemented risk mitigation plan.


Even during the start-up phase of new projects, re-financing is never easy. SASequity actively cooperates during the communication process with financial institutions and their actors when compiling meaningful documents and correspondence whether for short-term support for order financing or for the stabilization of working capital.