About Us

In today’s fast-moving and at times highly volatile world where adapting business models and business activities to stay on track can mean that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) come to facing complex challenges, SASequity is your actively supporting partner in full confidentiality. With a hands-on and empirical approach, we help you:

  • Adjust to an ever evolving and transforming environment
  • Improve your overall performance whether this means to increase revenues or cash-flow, to outperform competitors, and/or to achieve a better positioning within your market
  • Re-organise your internal structure, processes, and/or procedures
  • Receive invaluable commentary by means of an outside expert’s review and guidance

SASequity focuses on SMEs with revenues up to 40 million EUR and that perhaps find themselves in special situations, or that are having complex business problems, or that believe they are in need of transformation or a turnaround.

What We Do

SASequity specialises in:

  • Stabilising finances and operations
  • Guiding through complex restructuring
  • Obtaining financing
  • Providing negotiation assistance
  • Identifying and solving issues with shareholders and stakeholders

Expertise in implementing supplementary turnaround and restructuring strategies such as:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions options
  • Reviewing and adjusting the existing business model
  • Examining additional liquidity to support the ongoing transformation

How We Do It

As we favour action over words, we begin with the turnaround and restructuring process from minute one.

We aim at bringing about real solutions, therefore do not expect from us months-long reviews and analyses to identify where the issues or the responsibilities lie nor endless reports and presentations as the ultimate result.

We believe that this is what differentiates us from the commonly accepted concepts of how the consultants in these fields traditionally operate. Contact us with all your direct questions to learn more about how and why we’ve chosen to think and act differently.

We are here to provide practical support to improve financial management and to begin a transformation process so that your business can perform better and/or come out of a difficult situation. While changes can be challenging, they can be necessary and we are here to back you up when navigating through troubled waters.

For business continuity, we recommend that even our currently economically stable clients adjust their annual forecasts and we provide them with a risk buffer in order to promptly enhance financial control.
We find and put into place the corrective actions needed to prevent insolvency, in the most urgent and immediate of cases.

We can add further insight by working closely and alongside knowledgeable specialists from the relevant industries, including legal and technical consultants, so that your business keeps on thriving/thrives again.

We pride ourselves on succeeding in stabilizing the results and the forecasts of our clients in over 150 actual cases and over plus 20 years. You can trust our solid background and proven expertise in business transformation, operations turnaround, and financial restructuring as well as our utmost discretion.