Changes in Shareholder Status

SASequity helps with rearranging shareholding partners position – often being the core of complex corporate problems.

Complex Financial and Organizational Restructuring

SASequity supports or deals directly with organizational (to achieve performance optimisation) and financial restructuring (e.g. to prevent insolvency).

Reforming Business Models in Critical Phases

SASequity provides critical validation of low-return business models and can formulate plans and propositions for their transformation by following up with their implementation.

Acquisition or Sale of Company or Parts of Companies (M&A)

SASequity establishes and navigates all services necessary to assist with the separation or integration of companies, parts of companies, and/or operations.

Obtaining Financing (loans, risk capital, and/or private equity)

SASequity integrates and supports any or all of the above by finding additional finances through private equity, venture capital, and/or other sources.