Specialists for complex and challenging business problems in SME

Over time, medium-sized businesses repeatedly encounter complex problems and these problems vary significantly.

SASequity is focused on providing solutions to these problems including

  • Financial restructuring
  • Dealing with obstacles that threaten your business’s future
  • Solving Issues with shareholders
  • Urgent reorganisation of business models

We are here to provide the answers you need to help make your business thrive again. Working closely with specialists from the respective industries and including legal and technical consultants, we will provide solutions tailored to your business’s needs.

Market challenges

After a strong economic year in 2019, stable conditions will come to an end throughout Europe. Since 2018, industrial companies specialising in exports have seen rapid changes in the order books. Economic problems come with structural challenges in digitization and internationalization in both purchasing and sales and rising costs are a burden, regardless of the lack of qualified employees. The economic outlook remains highly risky in the interim.


We recommend our economically stable clients to adjust their annual forecasts and we provide them with a risk buffer in order to enhance financial control quickly. If necessary, we will help restructure business and operations in order to stabilize forecasts.


General Counseling

We support entrepreneurs and shareholders with necessary critical reflection and assist with the organization and implementation of complex decisions.

Changes in Shareholder Status

We help to rearrange shareholding partners – this is often the core of complex corporate problems.

Complex Financial and Organizational Restructuring

We support or deal directly with financial and organizational restructuring.

Reforming business models in critical phases

We provide critical validation of low-return business models and offer support with reforming and implementation.

Acquisition or Sale of Company or Parts of Companies

We establish and navigate all services necessary to assist with the separation or integration of companies, parts of companies and operations.

Initial assessments and contact

Call us to arrange an open discussion on the phone or personally, if you are in need of practical support. We will demonstrate how we can help provide solutions to your problems. We will talk to you about ways we can offer management and owners the guidance they are comfortable with. We will discuss ways we can positively intervene in implementation or to responsibly engage with managing partners and management.


Complex problems exist in all industries and service providers. We bring extensive experience from many business units relevant to you including modern service providers, technology-oriented business models or artisan enterprises and classic industrial companies.


We at SASequity offer several billing methods. We work on an hourly or daily basis, in phases, milestones or completely success-related, depending on the task and situation. Talk to us about it.

Case Studies

General Counseling

From case to case, companies may require assistance with potential or already existing problems. We are your sparring partner and offer our you the necessary support you need to move forward confidently. We can assist through short phone calls or more complex support services if needed.

Changes in Shareholder Status

Problems with shareholders are often associated with risky misalignment during corporate crises. They can be triggers but also accelerators. We develop concepts for the reorganization of your shareholder network and actively support the implementation of changes.

Corporate Restructuring Bankruptcy

After a crisis and problems with earnings, companies suffer liquidity problems before finally filing for insolvency. The predominant trigger (70%) for bankruptcies. Even then, there are still good opportunities through a joint effort of all participants to ward off a pending bankruptcy. At SASequity we know all the requirements in detail. Working hands-on by your side until stabilization and value is assured.

Risk Management/Assessment

We assess the potential risks to the business, both internal (financial or operational) and external (industry, regulatory and/or technology), and support the implementation of the adequate risk mitigation plan. SASequity will identify potential risks to the business internally (financial and operational) and externally (changes in the market/industry, regulatory environment, changes in tax regulations, technological developments). Our structure assesses risk severity (probability of occurrence x potential negative impact). We develop and implement a risk mitigation plan. Finally, we monitor risks and progress including tracking identified risks, identifying potential new risks, and evaluating risk mitigation effectiveness.


Re-financing, even during the start-up phase of new projects, is never easy. We actively assist in the preparation of meaningful documents,correspondence with banks and in our contacts with specialist financiers including short-term support for order financing or stabilization of working capital.

Our Team

Rüdiger Sass

Over 25 years of experience in various sectors including finance/venture capital, operations, restructuring and turnaround management, tactical/strategic consulting and shareholding.

``With a diverse background in business and a special interest in the critical problems of entrepreneurs and companies, I offer the experience and provide the solutions of even the most complex problems in medium-sized companies``
Associated partners:

Selected lawyers and accountants with an eye for practical solutions. Former and current entrepreneurs with specialized knowledge of relevant industries and markets. All partners are experienced in their fields and work practically to develop and implement concepts for identifying problems and providing solutions.